Title: "Behaviour of Welding Current in Submerged Arc Welding"

Page(s): 1 - 4


Influence of the process parameters on the weld deposit area and microstructure have been studied using bead on plate submerged arc welding process. It was found that the weld deposit area was affected by weld parameters like welding wire feed rate, welding speed, open circuit voltage, and contact-tube-to-work distance. The effect of welding current on weld deposit area has been studied independently by making a separate model for welding current. This is due to the fact that it is not possible to control the current in welding in semi-automatic processes unless it is a constant current welding process. Since the open circuit voltage was also one of the parameters, therefore, controlled variation of both the parameters wasnít possible. The current automatically adjusts to a value at which the burn off rate and the wire feed rate are in equilibrium. To establish a relationship between weld deposit area and the welding parameters, two-level half-fractional factorial design was used. The adequacy of the model was tested by analysis of variance technique and the significance of the coefficient was tested by studentís Ďtí test.