Title: "Effect of Unsilanized and Silanized Fly Ash on Damping Properties of Fly Ash Filled Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composite"

Page(s): 20 - 24


The damping characteristic of fly ash filled fiber reinforced epoxy resin was examined by varying the fly ash concentration from 0 to 30% by weight. Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) was used to determine the temperature dependency of damping factor (tan δ). The testing was done under 3-point bending mode with frequency input of 10Hz at ramp rate of 5C/min. The unsilanized and silanized fly ash concentration effect was compared and fly ash concentration limit for better damping property was ascertained. It was found that the glass transition temperature (Tg) and tan δ values improved with addition of fly ash up to certain point beyond which any further addition decreased Tg and tan δ. However the storage modulus and loss modulus increase with an increase in fly ash concentration. It was also found that silanized fly ash had lower tan δ value as compared to unsilanized fly ash.