Title: "Three Dimensional Numerical Study For Pile Group Behavior Under Torsion Effect"

DOI: 10.15224/978-1-63248-065-1-41
Page(s): 48 - 51
Authors: A. F. ZIDAN


The objective of this research is investigating the piled foundation behavior under torsional load effect through a series of 3D numerical model. This paper presented a complicated three dimensional model to simulate the pile soil structure interaction problem. 2X2 pile group subjected to torsion was conducted in this study to draw a conclusion about the torsional resistance of pile group. Based on the Drucker-Prager behavior low the soil layer has been modelled. The concrete pile cap and cylindrical piles were modelled as elastic materials. The interface elements were attached between piles and surrounding soil to model the soil. The influences of pile length, group size and pile cap rigidity on the pile group resistance were presented.