Title: "Methodological Approach of Integrating Voronoi Diagram into Space Syntax"

DOI: 10.15224/978-1-63248-084-2-35
Page(s): 29 - 33


Common property of convex space in Voronoi Diagram and Space Syntax prospects their hybrid merge into one interdisciplinary method of cognitive structure. The theoretical review observes both methods under the same condition of spatial convexity with different spatial structure. The essence of space syntax develops its origin of invisible spatial logic into visibility and architectonic conceptions of virtual reality. On the other, the voronoi diagram determines the spatiotemporal automation of all generative space. Supposing the swap of either 'convex hull' shifts the cognitive structure of space into a new empirical realm of 'voronoi-syntax' through their merged tool-box of spatial analyses. Thus, apply universally on multidimensional digits of future space.