Title: "Detonation of Tri-nitro-toulene into Carbon-coated Nanocapsules"

DOI: 10.15224/978-1-63248-084-2-69
Page(s): 106 - 108


Nano-structured materials have been synthesized by a self-heating detonation process using a TNT (Tri-nitro-toulene) explosive for providing the need of high temperatures, high shock waves, and parts of carbon sources such as wax in the presence of Ti-containing catalysts. The products of carbon nanoparticles, nanotubes and nano-size catalyst powders are characterized by XRD, SEM, EDX and TEM techniques. This research presents the use of this specially system to study the catalytic detonation process, the relationship between the experimental conditions and product distribution and roles of the catalyst types. The metal compounds are converted into metallic nanoparticles due to the fast decomposition and a reduction reaction after the detonation, which play an important role for the growth of different size of carbon capsules. Moreover, the results experimentally used in this study show that it is possible for a cheaper process and can be as an alternatives compared to these high energy and hardware intensive processes to assemble nanosized carbon nanomaterials under metal catalyzed-blast process