Title: "Use of Benchmarking Data for Effective Management of Software Development & Enhancement Projects – Case Studies and the ISO/IEC 29155 Norm"

DOI: 10.15224/978-1-63248-113-9-04
Page(s): 16 - 21


The Software Development and Enhancement Projects (SDANDEP) management is an area of software engineering that is not proving to be particularly highly effective. One of the major effects of this status quo is a waste of considerable sums of money having been invested in projects of this type. While one of the major causes is inability to plan duration and costs of the realization of such projects. On the other hand, this results, among others, from the fact that collecting and use of reliable benchmarking data that would provide possibility to determine dependence between the project’s product size and work effort and its duration in specified realization conditions, is still rare. The goal of this paper is to demonstrate several examples of case studies employing such data, for which these data contributed to the increase in the effectiveness of management of the discussed projects, executed in public administration institutions. The paper also analyzes the source with general benchmarking data, being employed in these case studies, as well as it points to the need to normalize data sources of this type according to the ISO/IEC 29155 norm, just being developed.