Title: "Adsolubilization of Organic Dye through Surfactant Modified Silica Gel Waste from Aquatic Environment: Batch and Fixed Bed Studies (Wastewater Treatment)"

DOI: 10.15224/978-1-63248-114-6-12
Page(s): 1 - 5


The adsolubilization of organic dye (Methylene blue, MB) was studied in both batch and continuous mode using silica gel waste (SGW) after modification of its surface by surfactant, to be called as surfactant modified silica gel waste (SMSGW). In batch mode, the kinetic study, dose study and effect of different interfering substances were conducted. In continuous mode, the SMSGW packed column was analysed by logit model. The equilibrium contact time and optimum adsorbent dose were found out to be 45 minutes and 8 g/L respectively for an initial MB concentration of 100 mg/L. From column study, the values of adsorption rate constant (K) and adsorption capacity constant (No) were obtained as 0.018063 L/mg.h and 20501 mg/L respectively. The SMSGW was efficiently regenerated by rectified spirit. From the studies, SMSGW was found to be an efficient adsorbing media for dye removal.